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Do I have to go through a bank to get financing?

No, but you may do so, it will allow you to have full access to the domain name you want to buy. When you finance a domain here, I will not charge you any interest and I will even point the domain’s dns to any server you want and update it as needed.

How do I barter for a domain name here?

Simple, just click here and fill out the form and I may or may not accept the trade. I will let you know within 24-hours whether we can work out a deal.

How do I purchase a domain listed on

Simple, Just create an account and add the domain name you’d like to purchase to the cart and proceed to the checkout. We will use the email you created your account with to communicate and push or transfer the domain, unless the domain name is financed or other arrangements were made.

If you like using either Sedo or Afternic marketplaces to escrow the sale, I have placed direct links of each domain within each shopping cart listing.

How long after I order a domain should I expect it to be pushed or transferred?

I have to confirm the payment and/ or arrangements before pushing or transferring the domain name. Once the payment is confirmed I will send the buyer a message and proceed usually within 24-hours, but if transacted during normal hours, I will push or transfer right away.

The only hold-up will be if Paypal has a hold on a payment and in that case I will reach out to the buyer and let them know. If there are any red flags during a transaction I will also let the buyer know and may cancel the transaction.

NOTE: If the domain purchased is being escrowed externally on either Sedo, Afternic,, or another place online, you will need to follow their instruction.

What do you mean you will partner up for a domain here?

Let’s say you would like to own or utilize a domain listed here and just do not have to funds to purchase it, I may partner up and use the equity of the domain as an investment for future earnings or wait for a possible buyout incentive.

Click here if you have a business, website, and/ or great idea and would like to utilize or own a domain name listed here.

What does a Push mean, when talking about domain names?

A push is like a domain transfer only you are pushing the domain within the same registrar to another account.

EXAMPLE: Let’s say you own it is registered at Godaddy and you decide to sell it. The buyer also has an account at Godaddy, so all you have to do is push to the buyer’s account. To push a domain you will need the buyer’s email that they use for their Godaddy account and their username or account numbers. One you have that information, all you will need to do is follow the instructions in your control panel of your domain registrar and it usually only takes a minute to complete a push once all of the necessary information is gathered.

What does Transfer mean, when talking about domain names?

A domain transfer is when the seller transfer’s a domain out of their domain registrar to the new domain owner’s domain registrar of choice.

EXAMPLE: Buyer initiates a transfer from their domain registrar and the domain seller confirms this by making a couple of steps. Usually the receiving registrar will ask for an authorization code to start the process and the seller will need to confirm the pending transfer, sometimes this can take hours if not days to compete. Once complete, both the buyer and seller will be notified, if you do not receive a notification, then you should reach out to the registrars and see if you missed any steps.

What if I have bad credit or no credit, can I still finance a domain name here?

Yes. This is not like a bank loan. It is more like a rent to own agreement, where you will make the necessary payments until the end of the term and once the loan is paid in full, you will have full access control to the domain. If by chance you are late making a payment and go beyond 2 months of being late, I will just point the dns back to my server and call it good. After 2 months of being late automatically surrenders the domain to the original owner.

Where can I find domain names that sold?

All of the domains sold and shown in each listing here are provided by a public database known as It shows the domain names sold by participating marketplaces and brokers. There are many more private transactions that take place and are never disclosed.

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