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High quality to premium domains perfect for website and app projects. Domains listed here are also on Sedo. To purchase domains securely make sure you have or set up an Escrow.com account.

DomainsForSale.me a domain marketplace owned and administered by Izaak Nason a domainer since 2001. In late 2015 DomainsForSale.me was a developed domain store and then transitioned in September 2017 to a marketplace powered by Efty.com. People looking for domains to purchase can utilize the marketplace search engine with advanced options, browse categories, use price filtering, and even find them by domain extension. Domain listings will be added daily as they are acquired, many will have buy now prices on them and some high-end listings are open for negotiation. 

If you have any questions feel free to call or text me at (207) 478-5493

Refer any buying customers and receive 10% of the total purchase price. So, if someone purchases a domain for $10,000 you (referer) will receive $1,000. Referal will need to be established before the actual sale takes place and once the referral has been verified and the buyer is committed to the purchase, the commission will be paid through Paypal or by Check.

Send referrals to me@izaak.us